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Help Us Bring Minimally Invasive Fundamentals Training To Honduras.

Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

All proceeds will go towards supporting surgical education in Honduras. Specifically surgical trainees at

the National Autonomous Hospital in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and the Roatan Public Hospital general surgery training program. 

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The unmet burden of surgically treatable disease in developing countries, like Honduras, is large and compounding. A primary factor in these world-wide deficits is the low number of surgeons per capita. The most sustainable means of overcoming this shortfall is to provide current local surgeons with the resources to maximize their trainee capacity and time efficiency. Surgical simulators and simulation exercises have proven essential in the development of fundamental surgical skills.  However, affordable access to simulation equipment has remained a primary obstacle in the advancement of the field in low and middle-income countries. The aim of Project Honduras is to provide SurgeonBox laparoscopic simulators and educational resources to enhance Honduran surgical training programs for years to come in order to more effectively meet the increasing surgical demand of its booming population. 

The National Autonomous University of Honduras (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras) is the national public university of Honduras. It was founded in 1847 and has many campuses throughout the country. It is the biggest and main university in Honduras.

Dr.  Roger Ariel Aguilar Morales

Second-year General Surgery resident -Hospital Escuela Tegucigalpa Honduras

Practices his minimally invasive techniques through inanimate coordination exercises

Roatan, Honduras Public Hospital

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Roatan Public Hospital is a Departmental Hospital that provides health services for both outpatient, general and specialized medical care, maintaining the service portfolio with quality standards, equity, and warmth for the entire population of Bay Islands to maintain and improve the level of health of the floating native population and tourist through the qualified Human Resources.

As well as General Surgery, Roatan Public Hospital provides medical expertise through many specialties including General Medicine, Specialized External Consultation, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Radiology (X-ray), Laboratory, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Odontology, and Emergency Medicine.

Aside from providing care for its community, Hospital Roatan is paramount in providing medical and surgical training for the next generation of Honduran healthcare professionals. With aspirations for conversion to minimally invasive operations in the foreseeable future, a solid foundation of coordination and procedural skills must first be well-established to make for a smooth transition. 

Gabriella Morin

Middle Tennessee State Pre-Med Student 

Networks, Coordinates, & Delivers SurgeonBox training kits to surgical education programs in Honduras


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